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My name is Yonit Tzuk, and I’m a researcher of digital content, digital entrepreneur and builder of digital communities that flow beyond the screen.

Some bloggers know me as Millioneyez Chief Blogger, and if you have a blog, you should know me as well 🙂

Over the last few years, I’ve developed and initiated the field of blogging in Israel, the field of digital content and marketing through content through lectures, workshops, short and long courses for business, brands, and individuals, as well as blogger conferences.

yonit tzuk content marketing

Working on my master’s degree in communications, I developed a five-stage model which I used to prove that you really can change a hobby into a profitable profession through blogging. you can read all about it on my interview at WP MAYOR

A few years have passed since I submitted my final research work, a period in which I’ve followed what’s going on in the field of digital content marketing and online communities, and it has all just thrilled me.

I decided to jump forward into the next thing, to research these communities that have greatly impressed me with their ability to let people help each other, to contribute, to complement one another, to be there, to embrace one another, to change the world, and to offer great strength to the ordinary person sitting behind the pixels of the screen.

(Yes, I know that there’s a less-optimistic side to the digital world, but I’m an optimistic girl, so that’s what I’m choosing to emphasize.)

So what now?

If you have an impressive digital community, I’d love to hear about it and interview you for my blog.

If you have a story about the influence of a digital community on your life, I’d be happy to hear it.

If you’ve participated in a conference anywhere in the world dealing with the digital field, digital content, and blogging, I’d also enjoy hearing about it and meeting you.

And, if you’ve built up an impressive community of content creators, I’d also be thrilled to be in touch.

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Yonit Tzuk