Something Pink to save your life

In two weeks, I’m going to be 38 years old. Happy B-day to me. Yayy.
Five years ago, I lost a friend to breast cancer. Since she died, I decided that every year I will do something to increase breast cancer awareness. I want you to read this post and do something else apart scheduling an appointment with your doctor.

Because it can SAVE your LIFE.
So simple, and yet, we almost never do it.

On my birthday week, I always schedule my doctor’s appointment, because I want to know that everything is good and to be able to celebrate my life.

This year I’m going to add to this post a million eyez Photobox and ask you to upload your photo to this gallery.
I’m looking for a photo with something PINK. I don’t care what the pink is about – I care about the message – when you see something pink, I want it to remind you the question “did I schedule an appointment this year?”

Please add your pink something photo to this Photobox and share it with the #BreastCancerAwareness


This year I’m good. My next appointment is going to be in June 2018, What about you?