Bilbao WordCamp Preparation

Hello my friends,

This post was written 24 hours before I get on my flight to Bilbao.

This year I’m going to speak about the unspoken digital content editing rules, or in simple words – how should we edit our blog and websites so that other people will actually read it.

I’m very excited to give this talk in English. I know it by heart already.

Yonit Tzuk a speaker at WordCamp Bilbao


So, how have I prepared for my WordCamp Bilbao experience?

I wrote the presentation on Word and sent it to Uriel, the content guy at million eyez.

I designed my presentation on and showed it to Carmit, million eyez Co-founder and Designer.

I rewrote and redesigned it. Again and again.  I had some work to do after our meetings. And now – my secret – I printed a photo of the conference room and taped on my vision board, right it in front of my face.

Why? Because I want to feel ready. I need to “see” the place where I’m going to speak before I’m there. It helps me to reduce my fears. When I’m there, I feel more comfortable, because I have it already in my mind.

Oh, I’ve already been at the location of the conference with the help of my friend “Google maps”.

I learned my presentation by heart. My trick is to write it down in my notebook and put it under my pillow, so the words will get in my head. BTW – I did it today when I had my siesta (Well, it’s Spain – I have to do local stuff). I couldn’t fall asleep so I just started going over the presentation in my head – it took me only 5 paragraphs to fall asleep. I hope it won’t happen to the audience….

The look

It’s important, right?

So, for this special occasion, I bought some nice dresses, and then I realized that it’s going to be a little bit cold and rainy…. We only have summer fashion here…. Oh well.

I already took advantage of my shopping vibe and got a new pair of Vans – they are totally f#$%ing amazing.

And the highlight will be tomorrow – I’m going to my hairdresser to add some blue colors to my hair. YAYYYY! It’s “the thing” that I do for conferences ever since I joined million eyez. This is how I looked at Build Your Blog Conference in Utah 3 months ago.

Fear of flying

The next step, is to go on the airplane and do some breathing exercises, so my flying phobia won’t appear, loud and clear, as it happened to me once in the past… Trust me, it wasn’t pretty. My trick is to come to the airport really tired, exhausted and then get to sleep even before lunch is served. I did it on the way back from Utah, I woke up after 3 hours, went to the bathroom and then ask some guy where we are – and he said “still at Newark airport”!!!, after 30  minutes we took off. I was so lucky to fall asleep, since 3 and a half hours stuck in a grounded airplane is very bad for my claustrophobia.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy the city of Bilbao, I have never been there before. Can you add some Bilbao photos to this Photobox below? I want to enjoy it through your eyez…