Why I liked “Let Go”, by Pat Flynn

 I’m looking at different websites because I need to change my English blog to a new one. It needs to be more sophisticated, more me.

It took me almost 5 years (and lots of money) to get my Hebrew professional blog to become a good looking and well-designed website, as it is now.
Why did it take me so long? Because it takes the time to find your inner you, and the blog helped me define myself, who am I, what I want to be, who I want reading me, etc.

After 5 years, while developing myself as a blogging brand in Israel, I could officially show who I am and what I stand for through branding and designing. I know that as a business strategy it’s supposed to be the opposite, but my story is so complicated that this way was the best for it, it worked, that’s what important.

Fortunately, my blog content was good enough, so my blog worked for me and created my business and my community. It worked even though it looked ugly.

So now you can understand why it’s so frustrating for me to write in this blog.. To feel like a beginner again, to start from scratch…but wait, I’m not a beginner anymore and this blog structure frustrates me so much!

So, what do I do when I’m not happy?

Yes – you got it right, I buy a new book on my Kindle, I’m such a book addict.

And how do I choose books? You are right again – I start with finding an excellent blog, and if I see that the content is good and that I can learn 2 things or more, I’m looking for the book, if you are a professional blogger – you must have written an Amazon book or two….


I’m so happy that I happened to find Pat Flynn’s website and blog. He is such a good man, and the content in his blog is great, lots of value and generosity.

I was looking at his site and saw that he already had published two books. I decided to buy the personal book where he tells his story. It took me one night to read it; I was amazed how similar our stories are regarding the concept, the online business, the feeling that no one exactly understands what we do when we say that we are online entrepreneurs.

we have so much in common

I was reading his book and said to myself, “wow, we have so much in common, it’s amazing!”

And I shut down my Kindle, stared at my Hebrew site, Pat Flynn’s site and my English site, and I got to my decision – until May 2017, (in 1 month and 2 weeks) I’m going to change this site to something elegant, professional and welcoming to my readers.

Why May? Because I’m going to give a lecture about blog post writing secrets, in English at WordCamp Bilbao Spain.

Wow, that’s a huge thing for me.

Yonit Tzuk a speaker at WordCamp Bilbao

But about that in another post…

So for now – if you want to read a short book that gives you lots and lots of inspiration, how a simple man, like you and me, can create his income from blogging, by mistake – I love it when it begins from a mistake, you should definitely read it.

The things that we share:

  1. Pat started writing his blog when he was a student. So did I.
  2. Pat started to understand that the blog can give him a way to make a living when he got fired because of the 2008 crisis. I understood that I need to take my blog seriously when I was unemployed since we lived in the US and I did not have a working visa.
  3. Pat used to work in a corporation, and through his blog, found in himself the entrepreneurship skills that he did not know that he had. I used to work in a bank – you can’t find a place more corporate than that…. and oh what a beautiful world has opened up to me with blogging!
  4. Pat’s dad was afraid his son was going crazy with all this  internet mumbo-jumbo, my dad told my sister one day: “I hope she will have enough of this thing and get a real job.”

And there are so much more things that I love about this book; it really gives me the feeling that I can write my story as well. Maybe someday I will, but till then – you can read Pat’s story, it will do you good. Enjoy!