My blog, My stage

When I lecture about this amazing internet thing, I love showing this video. It actually summarizes my whole digitalosophy.


You see, this world is so small, all we need is wifi as air and a computer or a smartphone. It’s as simple as that.

I especially love blogs; they allow me to set my own stage, to seek after content that enriches me as a person, to grow my community as I wish, not as society dictates.

When I stayed at BYBC in Utah, I was amazed staring at these beautiful mommy bloggers; they did not look like mom’s at all, rather as rockstars. They were super creative, funny, they took some funny videos and photos with the cellular and posted it everywhere. It reminded me of an actor with an audience, who gives the best of himself to make them happy.

The mommy bloggers were so much in their zone, posting, chatting, laughing, I think they couldn’t have had all of this party without writing their blogs.

Imagine that 20 years ago…..

No way, we couldn’t do it.

Or if we could, we did it on the street or in parenting meeting – LOL the teacher or other parents would have thought we are crazy.

How amazing is it that we can be whoever we want to be, however we want to be and with the people that take us seriously and with respect.

You see, words have energy, and the internet allows us to use these words and be someone. We can even do it better cause on the blog we have so much more than words; we have pictures and videos and gifs and podcast and cartoons, we are becoming a small self-media publisher with our ten fingers… isn’t that amazing?

Reality is one of our layers, but the internet + stage + words + content = our complete, multi-layers us.

And that, my friends, is one of the secrets of fulfillment.

Be you; I want to hear it, I want to be part of your community, don’t be afraid to stand up and create your stage.

Your fear is hiding you that opportunity to be discovered by the readers, by other writers who thinks alike.

Allow yourself be the rockstar that you are.

Open your blog, write, enjoy the moment, it’s yours, you are a creator.