How I had the guts to establish a bloggers conference

During the last years, while teaching lots of bloggers how to become professional bloggers, I have tried not only to teach but to listen.
From listening to my community I learned a lot, and it allowed me to know what my community needs are and what I can offer them as a business.

When I was just starting my business as a blogging consultant, I had 4 hours of workshop where I taught how to build a content strategy for a blog.
I met lots of lovely and creative women and gave them lots of motivation to start their own blogs.
They told me, “You gave me the knowledge, the motivation, and the spirit to start my blog.”

After a while, I got emails and phone calls: “Can you meet me for a one-on-one meeting regarding my blog?”
Oh! That’s an idea! Yes, of course—I can do that.
So, I started to meet different bloggers and give them my good advice, and slowly, it became my main thing—to give private consulting to bloggers.

After a while, in my Facebook group, I noticed that they wanted something meaningful about blogging that could give them content, tools, and community.
I had a big idea, but it took me several months to let it out. I was afraid that it was too big for me—to start my own blogging school.
I tried to look for someone with whom to build my blogging school, but no one was crazy enough about blogging to walk that path with me.
One day, I decided, “Oh, fuck it; I can do it by myself,” and so I did. I found a beautiful space, delicious food, and co-lecturers that would teach next to me in my school. I published several posts about it on my blog, and ta-da! 132 bold-enough bloggers arrived once a month from 18:00–22:00pm to learn how to blog.
For ten months, my school was working, and it was such a success!
Now, it’s my third year of my blogging school, and I am so thrilled about it. In my school, the bloggers create their blogs, achieve their goals, and, most of all, create community and find their voices.

During my first year of blogging school, my blog readers wanted as well to see, to hear, and to feel more of this blogging thing. When I published my first post from a bloggers’ conference that I went to in Amsterdam (Meet the Blogger conference) I got some replies: “When are you going to initiate a blogger conference in Israel?”
Blogger conference? Are you nuts? I’m not a producer; I am a consultant, a copywriter, a content editor, a website content strategist. I don’t know how to produce a conference…

And then again, once this idea was in my head and my heart, I couldn’t ignore it.

I decided “Oh fuck it, I can do it my own way.” I looked for a conference subject; I called two colleagues to be note speakers, and I tried many caterings till I got to the right one and published the post about the conference. After two days only, it was sold out with 75 bloggers who bought the tickets.
It was a success.

And you know what the problem with success is? They want some more… so after six months, I produced a blogger conference again, and now it had 120 bloggers. It was such a good time.

Now they want an even bigger conference. I have already thought about something, and it boils inside my head on slow cooking.
I’ll participate in the “build your blog” conference next month, and I am hoping to get some good vibes from there.

I will let you know how it goes in the next post.

In my business, I learned that when my heart and mind sing the same song, and I want to do it, but my fears are popping up, all I have to do is to say, “Oh fuck it,” and jump into the deep water, just like that.
Most of the time, I realize that the water is not deep at all; it’s more like a puddle.

This year, put your boots on and jump. It could be a great start.

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