What I have learned from WCUS

This was the first time I attended a WordPress conference.

I had previously attended a digital conference in Israel, where I live, and I attended two blogger conferences in Amsterdam (and had a great time!), but I had never crossed the ocean to attend a conference before.

I flew 25 hours (there and back) just to spend 50 hours in the USA.
Was it crazy?
I’m not sure; I think that’s what passionate people do – they go places, no boundaries.

I am very lucky to join the great Millioneyez team at this conference as the Chief Blogger.
I have learned during this short time together how much fun work can be when you are with the right team.
The five of us who arrived at this conference are very different from each other, but we have one thing which connects us – we are believers. We believe in our ability to connect people. We love people. We like to tell a story, and we are seriously fun.

During the conference, we didn’t want to spend the whole time together so we could meet as many other people as possible, so each of us went to the lectures we wanted to hear. I went to listen to the content and blogging lectures. When I was tired, I went to the lobby and started talking with people about Millioneyez.

One thing that amazed me was that I understood that although I’m new at the conference, my experience of the last years was international. I could completely attach and identify with the content about blogging that I heard and talked about. It was a great comfort that I don’t really need to start all over again, as I wrote in the last post. All I need to do is to translate and adjust my knowledge to a different language, and that, my friends, is a boundary that I already know since, twice, I have relocated to different countries during my life.

I have to admit that on the second day, I was so jetlagged that I took a 15-minute nap, and during that time, I had a dream, a vision. I saw myself lecturing about blogging in English at the conference. It was such a sweet idea that now I must do it.
It was funny because the last presentation that I heard that day was “How to Overcome Your Fears and Start Sharing Your Knowledge,” given by Nicole Kohler. I learned through her lecture that even if I’m afraid, I can be super professional because that’s in my DNA, and I can talk about it. Yes, I can.

I have learned that everyone is a little bit too self-critical, and you cannot go forward with this noise in your head; I loved Tessa Needham Synnott’s lecture that told us: Just do it. You are fine the way you are, and no one is perfect. It gave me lots of courage to do it my way; I understood that writing is my way, and I can do it as well in English. Even if it’s mediocre, my message must be thrown.

Last but not least, I learned about my super cool Israeli blogger count; oh, they do so! I have around 500 bloggers in my community, and that’s a lot.
Each time I introduced myself to people and I say that, their eyes were wide open. When I got the chance to make a collaboration, I told the other blogger that his or her blog post on the millioneyez blog would be translated into Hebrew for my community — and again, their eyes were BOOM! And a smile on the face — it’s priceless. So I learned that each community has its influence, and my experience doesn’t go away. It’s here, and I’m ready to share my knowledge with you.

I also have to finish my post with a spiritual smile. Every year I create a vision board. They are not the most beautiful masterpieces, but they work. As I got back home, I organized my suitcase. I was so tired that I sat at my desk, hung my head against the wall, and focused on my vision board (I never do it). Suddenly, I saw that I have the LOVE thing, that was at the conference stage, as a picture on my vision board.

So, the last thing that I learned is to act with love and to keep on doing what my heart is telling me. Right now, millioneyez platform seems to be the perfect place to be for me, for the bloggers, and for the photographers — Do it with love or don’t do it at all.