Starting the climb to new heights… again

Today I felt like I was repeating the last four years, or five, or seven.

I know it’s coming again now – I’m starting from nothing.  And nobody knows me.

Coming home from a meeting this afternoon, I was in tears, from the endless traffic jams at the entrance to the city till I got home.

It’s discouraging, it’s hard, it raises so many questions about who I am and what I’m doing in my life… and about where I’m going.  (Don’t worry, I’m sticking around here!)

To prepare for Wordcamp US, where I’m flying in two weeks (as an observer and student), I decided to put an end once and for all to, “Hi, I’m Yonit from Israel, I’m a blogger, blog community manager, community thought leader, and advisor in the field of content marketing, but you can’t really look around my blog because it’s in Hebrew.”

content marketing Yonit Tzuk

It’s an incredibly frustrating feeling at conferences… so I decided to take myself in my own two hands, and to show what I’m capable of and what I’m worth, and with the help of Uriel who translated my post into better English, I uploaded a post in English.

And then it struck me – I don’t have any followers, nobody is reading my blog, nobody knows me.  I’m a zero.  Nothing.  Nada.  Donut.  And there are millions more people like me out there who are writers and bloggers.  And they… well, they were here first.

I’m so, so lucky that my mother came that day to stay with my daughters, because I had to finish crying on my pillow, crawl under the duvet and hang around there for a few hours.

And when I came out (my daughters were already ready for bed), I decided I wasn’t going to give up.

True, seven years ago I was also completely anonymous, and there were many more like me already online.  And I succeeded, with lots of effort, one step after another, with endless patience and with my great love of speaking.  I decided to climb the mountain, sometimes stumbling, sometimes taking the longer, slower path that was more secure, and sometimes slipping down a little, but I managed to get to a number of summits where I could demonstrate what I was worth.

And the beautiful part was that for those who had walked that whole long way with me, I managed to help them figure out the way, through action, and through showing more bloggers the way they can show off what they’re worth and succeed in making their voices heard.

content marketing Yonit Tzuk


Although the post I wrote was about writing rules and how they help us to climb walls and boundaries of content and reader attention, I understand now that after reaching the summit, it’s time to conquer additional summits.  And once again, I have to do it from the bottom up, because there’s no other way.

The path will be tough and it will be winding, but I’m ready for it.  (At least for the last fifteen minutes.)

You’re invited to click through and read, but the truth is that the pictures there are worth a million times more than the content I’ve written.  Fit guys climbing walls and a breathtaking view.  Pictures from photographers from around the entire world.  You can’t say no.

And if, by some chance, you have any connection to international bloggers, managers of international blogger groups, or content marketing people, who feel like giving me just 10 minutes on Skype, I’ll stick your name up as a flag on my climbing wall.