What is this blog?

So here I go, I’m jumping into the water, it’s not the easiest thing but it’s what I need to do.

About four years ago, I started a similar process in Hebrew and I succeeded – big-time.

While I was working on my master’s degree, I developed a model which described how to turn a hobby into a lucrative profession by way of a blog.  Because I love to walk the talk, I actually started a blog, in my mother tongue, and I went step by step through the model I’d developed, and after a year, I’d turned my blog into a money-making business.

Blogging, Craft Culture, and Women Empowerment
Blogging, Craft Culture, and Women Empowerment

What I hadn’t expected is what came next.

My blog created a marvelous audience of people, followers and other bloggers who became the foundation stone for what I’m about to do now.

And it’s scary, but that’s the way things are when you’re an entrepreneur, I guess.  The fear is urgent.

So here I am, jumping into the water:

  1. I registered for Ph.D studies in the field of Digital Philosophy. What does that mean?  I have no idea.  We’ll find out over the next two years, I hope.
  2. My goal is to research international audiences who are connected to content and digital entrepreneurship.
  3. I want to understand the nature of the connection between digital and non-digital audiences, and how that connection works.

How do I intend to do all that?

Exactly for that reason, I’ve created this blog, a blog where I intend to write all the questions that I think about in this field, not questions about whether it’s right or wrong, but questions about why, how and what the digital influence is on us, socially and individually.

I’d love to interview people for my blog who have those kinds of connections, or any other, within the digital world.

I’d also be happy to meet with people who different communities of their own in order to understand how those communities are connected to one another, whether digitally or offline.

My blog is a platform for digital innovation in this field, for thought, for meetings and opportunities.

yonit tzuk content marketing lecture

What do I want from this blog?

Over the process of the coming year, I’m planning to meet with many digital content creators so I can understand how they’re taking advantage of to create their own community.  And within a few years, I hope that I’ll be able to connect digital communities in the field of content to the community who gets together not just through the content itself but also physically, beyond the screen.

So why am I scared?

Because being an entrepreneur in my mother tongue isn’t simple, but it’s entirely possible, with lots of work and creativity.  I’m scared because my venture now is speaking to the entire world.  It goes beyond.  It means completely leaving my comfort zone, however, on the other hand, like every other growth step I’ve experienced in my business, I understand that without this fear of beginning, there would be no drive, nothing to push me forwards.

So here I am, embracing the fear until it fades away or just becomes a part of this endeavor, and I invite you to be part of the journey that I call Digitalosophy.

yonit tzuk content marketing lecture




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